Finnish company Kone will provide elevators that can travel at speeds of over 10 meters per second for the Kingdom Tower.

“The building will be more than 1,000 metres and the elevator shaft will be 637 metres in one shot,” said Henrik Ehrnrooth, the president and CEO of Kone Corporation. “It will be the highest, longest, above ground, lift shaft in the world. There will be a double decker elevator which will be the fastest in the world to cover the near half-a-mile distance. There are faster elevators in the world which are not double decker, but the speed at which these will travel will be swift and comfortable. Your ears will be able to balance and that is the compromise.”

A total of 65 KONE elevators and escalators will serve the Kingdom Tower including 21 KONE Monospace elevators, 29 Minispace elevators, 7 DoubleDeck Minispace elevatrs and 8 KONE TravelMaster 110 escalators.

The contract’s value is not disclosed but it is known that it also includes 10-year equipment maintenance.

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