Langan LogoLangan is officially announced as a key consultant for designing the foundations of the Kingdom Tower.

Besides it, the company will also provide geotechnical services as well as parking and traffic planning in the Kingdom City.

Langan’s role included the development and oversight of the site subsurface investigation, final design of the piles in collaboration with the design team, stormwater management and integration of the circulation and volume demands of the Tower and retail building into the traffic master plan for Jeddah’s Kingdom City.

One of the most challenging things in the design of the foundation was represented by the subsurface investigation and the seismic hazard analysis.

Besides this, Langan is also set to do the stormwater design, a unique system that will collect and discharge rainwater in a pond at the base of Kingdom Tower.

George E. Leventis, Langan’s international president said “We are honoured to be working alongside Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture and Thornton Tomasetti, as well as other design team members, on this project”.

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