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Kingdom Tower in Jeddah

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The world’s tallest crane will serve the construction of Kingdom Tower
Without much public involvement, work at Kingdom Tower has progressed significantly in the past few months...
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Kone will provide world’s fastest elevators for Kingdom Tower 
Finnish company Kone will provide elevators that can travel at speeds of over 10 meters per second for the Kingdom Tower.
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Building of Kingdom Tower to start on April 27th
After several months of testing and preparation work a date was announced for the start of the building: April 27th.
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Quality control works commissioned for Kingdom Tower
Lebanese firm, Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS) has been appointed for quality control works on the Kingdom Tower.
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Foundation works complete
Recently the German company Bauer contracted to lay the foundation for the Kingdom Tower finished its work the company reports.
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Works on Kingdom Tower going as planned
The Jeddah Economic Company that was founded for the purpose of building the tower held its fourth board meeting
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$587 million water contract signed for the Kingdom Tower
The national water company of Saudi Arabia recently signed a contract worth $587 million USD (2.2 billion rials) to supply water for the Jeddah Economic Company
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Senior Planning Manager needed for KT project
Things finally start to move in the right direction with the Kingdom Tower
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EC Harris and Mace will manage Kingdom Tower project
On Thursday, February 21st, the Jeddah Economic Company (JEC) announced that the joint venture between EC Harris and Mace won the project management contract for the Kingdom Tower
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Bauer to provide foundation work for Kingdom Tower
German company Bauer was awarded the foundation work for the Kingdom Tower
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  Financing for Kingdom Tower complete
After 20 months of convincing investors, financing is finally ready for the Kingdom Tower project
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Landscaping contract for Kingdom Tower awarded to a Landtech Design
US based company, Landtech Design will design the landscaping around the Kingdom Tower
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More news about Kingdom Tower construction
According to our sources, currently work is halted on the Kingdom Tower until the final design from Adrian Smith arrives
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 New photos from the Kingdom Tower construction site
After some time with no news about the progress on the Kingdom Tower, today we can show you some new photos about the construction site
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Kingdom Tower Building Permit Issued
Today it was announced that the city of Jeddah issued the building permit for the Kingdom Tower
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Azerbaijan Tower: taller than Kingdom Tower?
Earlier today, plans were announced for constructing a 1,050 meter tall tower in Azerbaijan’s capital city of Baku
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Interview with Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal
Saudi Arabian newspaper Al Sharq published an interview with Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal about the Kingdom Tower project
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Preparations underway in Jeddah
As announced earlier, work on the Kingdom Tower started in January. Thanks to Naif Saudi from Skyscrapercity forums, we can now see some movement on the site of the tower
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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Adrian Smith +
Gordon Gill Architecture



- start date:

27th of April, 2014

- end date:


- cost:


 - hight:

1000+ m
Kingdom Tower